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My puppy has cancer and his having tumor removal surgery on the 28th.
I’m beyond thrilled they’re able to operate but it’s still very real and scary to hear that another one I love has cancer. Thank god it’s operable and the outlook is looking positive but again…I’m scared.

According to research, if you believe that you’re progressing toward a goal, you move faster toward achieving that goal.

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My baby girl Mia is going to the vet in about 5 hours.

I’m so scared they’re going to tell us that this is it.

We’ve had her since I was in second grade. I remember saving up $75 to help pay for my sweet little baby that I’ve been taking for granted in recent years. I hate myself for that. Now she’s very sick. She has this HUGE abscess that just grew and grew and now has a giant hole in it. It’s so awful looking and I’m scared we’re going to lose her. I’m not ready and maybe I’m being selfish but I love that dog so much. She’s so protective of our family. I don’t want to lose her. God, this is so awful. I hope she can just have a surgery to get well. God…please. 

I’m so sorry baby. I love you. 


I hate myself for loving you. 



Important reminder that because virginity is a made-up construct, you are allowed to call yourself a virgin or not based on YOUR criteria for what defines virginity. If you have only had intercourse in the form of rape, you are allowed to still call yourself a virgin. If…

You crave the deepest connections with others, but you don’t trust to let anyone in.

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